Larry Doyle
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Larry Doyle a self taught artist from Columbus, Ohio. He is a member of TacocaT Cooperative and is thriving within the local art scene. Larry’s work has grown exponentially throughout the years as he learns more about himself and his style. Ranging from creatures with glowing eyes, to repeated abstract patterns and other-worldly forms, his work invokes an ethereal and dream like atmosphere. He has shown professionally for 3 years and has done commissioned work for collectors throughout the country including album cover art for independent bands.

--Solo Showings--

Join me at Craftin Outlaws April 24th 2016 at the High Line Car House! I will have prints upon prints to be had and an army of small hand made drawings!

Mouton June 4th.
More information forthcoming.

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"Hard work always pays off."

Instagram: @lurrzasaurusrex